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Click on our Members Tab and complete the request info form.

Note: Should you not have CrossFit experience your enquiry should be submitted for CrossFit Essentials Program.

Step 2: 
The Live Life Team will work with you to schedule your CrossFit Essentials Course.

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Choose your classes from our Timetable, sign up and start working out!

The CrossFit Essentials Program sets out to empower all participants with the knowledge and confidence to safely increase your health and fitness using the teachings of CrossFit.

Not only will the program teach the fundamentals, but also the training concepts behind CrossFit so all that successfully pass the “essentials”, will better understand why CrossFit is one of the fastest ways to transform your body.

The essentials are compulsory to all participants prior to attending OPEN GYM sessions or WODs, to ensure safe and best practices.  The course runs for 2 days, normally a Friday and Saturday, from 1pm - 3:30pm. Both days are compulsory to before attending regular classes. REGISTER here to confirm your spot on the next course.

For those athletes already knowledgeable in CrossFit’s movements and methodology, please contact us prior to booking a class, on-the-spot testing may be required prior to participating in classes.

Note: CrossFit Essential Programs will be held frequently, keep an eye out for the next CrossFit Essentials program.

Live Life Members
CF Single 90QAR
CF 10pk 850QAR
CF Monthly Unlimited 950QAR
CF Essentials 1000 QAR

GX Single 65QAR
GX 10pk 600QAR

Bay Club Members
CF Drop In 75QAR
CF10pk 700QAR
CF Monthly Unlimited 850QAR
CF Essentials 1000 QAR

GX Single 45QAR
GX 10pk 400QAR

Essentials Course price includes either a Monthly anytime pass or a 12 Class Pass.