GroupX or GX is the term LiveLife uses to encompass our group exercise classes stated below. GX Memberships will include the following classes:



A high-intensity Cardiovascular work out using only Functional, Body Weight movements.  Using the Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect, Burn helps you lose bodyfat and increase lean muscle by increasing your Heart Rate through short bursts of intense exercise. The higher your heart rate, the longer it takes your body return to normal (homeostasis), the more calories you burn! The difference between BURN and other HIIT style classes? No heavy lifting or heavy thinking required - this class is strictly for those who want to turn up, get a sweat up, and leave with a smile on their face!

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A pure Strength & Conditioning class that focuses on moving heavy objects with optimal form. Essentially using techniques and movements derived from Power Lifting (Squats, Deadlifts & Presses) and Olympic Lifting (Snatch & Clean n Jerk), Barbell Club allows Men and Women to train hard in an environment where chalk and bar-dropping is allowed! If you're looking to get stronger with qualified coaching in a safe training space, Barbell Club is for you.

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A full-body strength and conditioning workout, Boot Camp incorporates a wide variety of training stimuli to help you achieve your goals; from lifting to running, isometric or plyometric, there are always new and different ways to keep the workout exciting. This 60-minute session is aimed at losing body fat by increasing cardiovascular efficiency while toning muscle. Everyone trains at their own level while working together in a super-friendly environment.



A 45min stretch and mobility session, targeting athletes with tight muscles from training and also people that have chronic joint mobility issues. The coach will attempt to educate athletes on techniques that will help increase mobility not only in a competitive sports arena but also in everyday life.