Q: What’s a WOD? 

A: Stands for Workout of the Day. The WOD is the main focus of the session. WOD, AMRAP,SDHP,GHD & HSPU’s are all part of the Jargon of CrossFit training. Come on our Essentials course and you’ll find out more!

Q: What is CrossFit Essentials?

A: The essentials program sets out to empower all participants with the knowledge and confidence to safely increase your health and fitness using the teachings of CrossFit.
Not only will the program teach the 9 fundamental movements, but also the training concepts behind CrossFit so all that successfully pass the “essentials”, will better understand why CrossFit is one of the fastest ways to transform your body.
The essentials are compulsory to all participants prior to attending OPEN GYM sessions or WODs, to ensure safe and best practices.  For those athletes already knowledgeable in CrossFit’s movements and methodology, on-the-spot testing may be required prior to the training. 

Q: I have just relocated to Doha, but I have been CrossFitting for a while elsewhere. Can I join a WOD without the doing CrossFit Essentials?

A: If you have performed an on ramp program in another box, or have at least six months training at an affiliate, you should be more than capable of jumping in. Contact us prior to booking a class.


Q: What if I cannot fit one of the CrossFit Essential Programs into my schedule? Do you do a private workshop? 

A: Yes, contact us for more details..

Q: I’ve been lifting weights for years, do I still need to do the Essentials Course? 

A: If you know all the above abbreviations, then probably not. We recommend this program and our coaches will have the final say.  Make sure you contact us prior to you booking a session.

Q: Once I’ve passed my essentials course, do I need to sign up to long term membership? Or can I just drop in whenever I want? 

A: Yes. The cost is higher in the long term, but we understand life sometimes doesn’t allow commitment to membership options. CrossFit training requires regular attendance in order to achieve any form of results so be sure not to make excuses. Talk to one of our coaches who will be happy to assist in planning a schedule that will work for you.

Q: I have an injury, can I still come to a class? 

A: Depending on the seriousness, of course you can. What is important is that you discuss it with us first. Training and rehabilitation go hand in hand and we can scale movements as necessary in order for you to continue to train.

Q: My 18yr old son and I want to join.  Can we do it together? 

A: CrossFit is for everybody, whatever the WOD, we can scale to the individual, so you can train together.

Q: Why should I CrossFit when I can Zumba? 

A: Zumba is a predominantly cardiovascular activity which focuses on burning calories while dancing.  CrossFit combines multiple physical attributes (insert link of the 10GPP) usually performed at a higher intensity.  In other words, it’s harder but improves more things!  (You could do both!?) 

Q: Will I get big doing CrossFit? 

A: You will definitely gain lean muscle, decrease your fat percentage and build muscle mass providing you train hard, eat well and get lots of rest all important parts of the CrossFit method. We do not train for size, and you will not bulk up in the same way a body builder would CrossFit Training.