High Intensity Functional Movements 

CrossFit is the leading strength and conditioning program around the world.

Constantly Varied

The program is designed for universal scalability which makes it perfect for everyone regardless of experience. 

Specialising in not Specialising

Our specialty is not specialising, giving you the tools to tackle life head on.

Courtesy of CrossFit Inc


The CrossFit WOD is the main focus of the session. 
These are measured workouts that comprise of any movement or exercise that will increase your competency in the 10 General Physical attributes, which means anything and everything. CrossFitters are not excellent at any one thing but strive to be competent in everything.

The “Girls”
Benchmark workouts that are completed everywhere there is a Crossfit Box. (BTW, not all WODs have names) 

WODs Scaled
ALL WODs can be scaled to accommodate the individual, whether your 18 or 80.

Hero WODs
These are for the “hard-core” participants looking to push themselves to the very top of their mental and physical abilities. But again, HERO WODs can also be scaled.

Partner WODs
An option that requires team work to complete your workout.